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Did you know?


• Winter is a good time to work on trees, because inspections and pruning can be done more efficiently. The arborist can see the limbs easily for pruning and shaping, and can check for splits and other evidence of damage from insects, summer drought, or fungi. Winter pruning minimizes the stress put on trees while they remain dormant over the winter. Cabling and bracing can be accomplished with less weight on the tree limbs without leaves. Trees derive benefit from fertilizing, as the root system is still active and growing during the cold months, and doesn’t have to compete with spring/summer leaf growth.


Unusual Requests


• We get calls for things other than our core business services, and if possible, we help out where we can. Examples:


• We recently received a call from someone whose cat had climbed a tall tree and wouldn’t come down. The weather was bitterly cold, and the cat had been in the tree overnight. The owner was frantic. Frank went to the house, donned ropes and gear, climbed the tree, and picked up the cat. Luckily, the cat was cooperative, clinging to Frank’s coat as they rappelled their way down the tree together. Once on ground, the cat scurried into its warm home….a happy ending for all. (Please note: we have a 100% success rate in animal rescue!)


• We were approached with an unusual clearing job. It entailed removal of swamp vegetation at a submerged well house. Never one to avoid a challenge, our crew, wearing hip boots and waders, worked in waist-high water, chopping their way through underbrush and tree roots in order to clear a clogged intake area at the pumping station. A job well done, and what a way to cool off on a hot day!


• We got a call from a customer during a storm. A tree limb had crashed through their roof and into their living room. We responded immediately, scaled the roof, removed the tree limb, and temporarily repaired the roof until a roofer could complete the job. We subsequently worked with the home owner’s insurance company to ensure all billing issues were resolved. When we say full service, we mean it!



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